Coaching for Kids

Coaching for Kids and Mentoring

Grit and Grace Kids

If you’re ready to help your child bust out of his shyness, contact us below for a complimentary consultation and we’ll map out a plan to help him create confidence and courage.

WISDOM Coaching

Coaching for Kids

Is a unique coaching and mentoring program, used by 100+ life coaches for children in 30+ countries around the world. The WISDOM System for Coaching Children uses stories and fun activities to help kids and teens develop confidence and self-esteem.

The Vision

To inspire, support, and empower kids and teens to develop a positive mindset so they feel happy and confident.

Coaching Programs

The Adventures in Wisdom coaching programs are designed to give kids and teens the tools and resources to develop self-esteem and self-confidence in a fun, non-lecturing way.


Girls Ages 6-16 and Boys Ages 6-12


Girls Ages 6-16 and Boys Ages 6-12