About Us

Grit and Grace Magazine is a New Media Venture Launching highlighting kids’ entrepreneurship, allyship, and excellence in the kid’s industry. This new media venture is reporting on the cultural contributions of parents, children, and people of all races across the burgeoning kids’ industry.

Grit and Grace Magazine will explore all facets of conscious parenting, diverse topics on lifestyle, tips, education, community, commerce, spanning amateur and professional sports, mini-celebrities, young entrepreneurs, music, fashion, and more.


Grit and Grace Magazine is on a mission to shed light on the positive impact of children on the global marketplace and the role children play to educate, advocate, and help empower the future generation.

Our Values


We believe in community over competition.


We believe the use of shared services and knowledge can create a positive impact and allow every child to optimized their super abilities.


We celebrate the uniqueness and inherent power in every children.