Private Coaching

Kids and Teens Ages 6-13

These sessions are private and are specially designed to suit your child or teenager’s individual needs and support them in reaching their goals.

The coaching sessions provide a safe and warm place for your child or teen to help them connect with themselves, discuss and work through their challenges, and move towards their goals with confidence.

Private coaching sessions are held online via Zoom. We meet weekly for an hour, typically for 12 weeks.

Programs are inspired by the WISDOM System for Coaching Children from Adventures in Wisdom, but they are individually designed in collaboration with the parent or guardian, and the teen.

Your child or teen will learn powerful life skills, such as: mastering positive self-talk, building high self-esteem, developing confidence, setting goals to achieve their dreams, managing mistakes and failure, and so much more!

During our coaching relationship and program, you will be getting unlimited support via email. As part of the program, parents also get two complimentary 30-min online calls to discuss their kid or teen’s progress and challenges.

I take a limited number of private clients (kids and teens) and I work with them for at least 3 months. Spots fill up on a first come, first serve basis.

To get started, book a complimentary call with us today! Confidential and no-obligation if it’s not a good fit.